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Outstanding Customer Reviews

Read the hot tub reviews at Aquatic Spas of Florida to learn why customers in Holly Hill, FL, enjoy our company so much!

We bought our spa from Doug 3 years ago and we are enjoying it. He was great and knowledgeable about their products. He is so professional from the time we bought our spa to the time he delivered and set it up. He has an excellent customer service and one of the few that takes care of his customer above and beyond. And just recently, we needed to replace a blower and with just a short notice, doug came in to help and replaced it for free because we have a good warranty that comes with the product. We highly recommend this company, doug doesn't only sell great products but also gave us the best customer care.

The Hallgrens

Doug is very nice and has nonpressure sales! Can’t wait for delivery tomorrow.

Shirley F.

Where do I start? This place is simple amazing! Doug (owner) took the time to explain all the amazing features about the hot tub. We have owned a hot tub before and had issues with it. I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. I did my research online before coming into the store so I was prepared. We also went to a few other local Spa stores and I am glad we bought from Doug.
One of the things we learned (which I personally experienced with my old tub) was about spray foam insulation. Most manufactures, including the other local spa stores praised "full foam" insulation!!! My old tub had spray foam so I was familiar with this process. Spray foam may insulate well, however they don't tell you that if you have a leak or a problem they are practically unserviceable!! What we loved about Doug's Spas is that they used a full metal frame (no wood) and a fully molded plastic pan underneath the spa. They also use this removable insulation blanket that goes around the tub, which can be completely removed, if it ever needs service.
My old spa was only 6 years old and developed a slow leak, soaking all the spray foam inside, which caused the wood frame to rot out. We didn't notice it at first and ultimately it was not worth fixing and had to cut it up!!. Don't make the mistake we did and buy a spray foam tub!! Bad idea!
If you really want the best hot tub on the market for a fair price, go see Doug! Of the many models he had to choose from, we decided on the American Whirlpool 471 model. Absolutely love the Therapy Jetting!! Never felt anything like it before.

James C.

My husband and I had been to several dealers in Jacksonville but are so glad we decided to go with Aquatic Spas! Doug was great to work with and went above and beyond for us. We love our new hot tub and would definitely recommend them to others!

Jen H.

Highly recommend! Prior to going to Aquatic, we went to another local dealer and we’re dismayed. We walked into Aquatic Spas and knew right away that we were going to buy a spa there. Doug was not sales-pitchy and was also very professional. He knows his product, the electrical requirements, and the installation was perfect! We now have a great quality spa. Definitely a 10 out of 10 and five-star experience.

Anne M.

I've been to Aquatic Spas several times for different things.
They do have a good assortment of filters for different Spas as well as a full range of chemicals.
Customer Service has always been exceptional, they really try to help you.

Joseph T.

Ditto on the review posted. Doug has the best quality hot tubs at a good price. Outstanding customer service, he helps you make the right choice for you and doesn't try to push you to buy. We are thrilled with our purchase and definitely encourage anyone considering a hot tub to shop around and NOT purchase one until you visit Doug at Aquatic Spas, then you will see what we are talking about. Thanks, Doug we are thrilled with my Mother's Day present!

Lynn B.

Aquatic Spa sold us our new hot tub. It was a perfect experience from start to finish. Doug told us the price included everything and it did that and more. Delivered on time, set up was flawless. Doug educated us and provided absolutely everything we needed or wanted. The tub is amazing and I couldn’t recommend this company more.

Steve D.

We went Hot Tub shopping last week and Aquatic Spa was the 1st place that we stopped. Doug (the owner) was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. There was no hard sell, but a lot of good information. We left and returned after shopping at 4 other stores to buy a gorgeous Hot Tub at a very good price. Although we did find it less expensive you get what you pay for. QUALITY. Hot Tub was delivered as promised yesterday. I highly recommend Aquatic Spa for its professionalism and service!!! He does offer Hot Tubs at a wide range of prices also.

Robert M.

Doug is amazing! I bought one for me and one for my aging grandmother and we both love it! He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. And anytime I have questions he answers his calls at any hour. I have already recommended aquatic to my neighbors. I’d give ten out of ten if I could!


James Carmany with Aquatics Spa of Hilton Head delivered truly exceptional service not often found anymore these days. Starting with simple things like communication from scheduling confirmation and pre-arrival calls, to a job completion demo video message to coming prepared with parts for the unexpected – I couldn’t be more pleased. His entire process is aimed to understand the concern, confirming the problem without completing lengthy repairs that don’t resolve the problem and being quick to offer additional maintenance options to prevent unnecessary future issues. A simple circular pump job quickly turned into some challenges, from poorly internally placed mechanics to the difficult-to-access recessed tub location, he never complained and got the job done with no plumbing cuts, leaving it in great shape for the future. Thanks, James – I enjoyed your knowledge and craftsmanship.

Lars U.

Doug is amazing!!!! So glad I did my research before hand. One-stop shopping!!! With awesome service and delivery!!! If you are looking for quality products and service, I highly recommend seeing Doug at Aquatic pools and spas in Holly Hill, FL.

Teri B.

Great experience and we love our hot tub. Getting way more use out of it than we thought we would. Good purchase from a good company. Highly recommend.

Norris Family

What a great Spa store! Doug is very knowledgeable and friendly. If you're in need of a Hot Tub, Parts, or Chemicals, Aquatic Spas Of Florida is the spot.

Jonathan D.

Great experience. Fast, no hassle, and understood what I was looking for. Bought and delivered promptly. Haven’t tried it yet but the service was enough to rate this a five-star transaction. Great job!

Michael S.

Excellent service, very knowledgeable and friendly. Doug has handled every issue I've ever had, and he always goes above and beyond. Highly recommend!!

Daniel G.

Love our hot tub! The owner was great to work with! Highly recommend!

Tyler S.

This place has great customer service and they stand behind there quality spas. Thank you for the great experience.

Wayne L.

The owner was great about answering all of my questions and sharing his knowledge.

Tammi R.

Friendly and helpful, excellent service.

Erik T.

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