Swim Spas


The PowerPool Maax Series

These are a combination swim spa and hot tub.  Also known as Infinite Pools, Lap Pools, Therapy Hot Tubs, etc., the PowerPools offer the best of both worlds for you and your friends and family.

The PowerPool has zones where you can have two different temperatures.  With one area for swimming and another for the Hot Tub for hydrotherapy and stress relief.

Swim as long as you want in the pool side, then move to the Hot Tub section for relaxation.

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PowerPool RB4   Technically, the new RB4 swim spa is identical to the RL4 model. But there is a subtle difference that gives it a character of its own: the RB4 features two benches on the side, giving it a large seating area that can accommodate up to eight people.

With the two spa seats, this makes the beautifully finished RB4 model a perfect choice for families that like to relax and play. The benches are positioned in such a way that they do not interfere with swimming.



Powerpool RL4    The all new RL4 combines all features that make it an outstanding exercise tool with the comfort of an open water spa. You can get fit and relaxed in one and the same swim spa.

With a length of just over 4 meters (427cm) and a width of 228cm it will fit easily in most gardens. Powerful pumps provide you with all the power you need for an intense work-out, while the two spa seats with their abundance of hydrotherapy jets will provide you with a well-deserved massage.



Powerpool MT6

The PowerPool® MT6; combines exercise with relaxation in this swim/spa hybrid. The MT6 provides many of the same swim, exercise and health benefits of the DT6 but without the extra electrical hook up for the hot water side.

Simply swim, jog, work out and then slip into the soothing massage seats to relax those tired muscles. This is all done in the comfort and privacy of your own garden.


Powerpool RS1

If you’re looking for a cost effective swim spa, the PowerPool RS1 is the perfect choice. It comes with many of the features of the famous RS2, but has a slightly different jet system, using two pumps and four Turbo Swim jets.

This set-up guarantees you enough power for a great work-out and intense relaxation. The RS1 shares its design and measurements with the RS2.


Powerpool RS2

Designed for the aquatic fitness enthusiast, the RS2 is a space effective PowerPool® offering a complete array of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy benefits. With 70 jets, 6 Turbo Swim jets, balance bar rails and optional PowerResistance exercise kit, a complete full body aquatic workout is always challenging.

Walk, jog, or run against the Turbo Swim jets for an aerobic workout or tone and define muscles using the PowerPool’s® unique resistance training system.

Whether it is used to rehabilitate injuries, build muscle, lose weight, or simply relax, the RS2 is the complete hydrotherapy and aquatic fitness solution.



(images are not exactly to scale.  See brochure or call for more details.)